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    So once before I did this and it got A TON OF NOTES, like hundreds, and I am feeling like it would be a cool idea to do it again. There’s a culture of self-disparagement on tumblr, it feels like, sometimes, one that I participate in myself, and I think it is important to say other kinds of things about ourselves too? Uh.

    REBLOG AND LIST THREE THINGS ABOUT YOU THAT ARE GENUINELY GREAT. I mean, real qualities/skills/whatevers about yourself you think are excellent, not just, I can pick up things with my feet like they’re hands. (I can do that, though, incidentally.)

    1. I am good at picking a song that fits a character or a ship (or a show, even) and editing a fanvid in a way that portrays that character/ship/show the way I see it. Like, I’m stupidly proud of that.
    2. I always believe the best of people.
    3. I rarely complain about anything.
    1.  I’m incredibly passionate about the things that I love.
    2. I have enough self confidence to be one of like 8 women in America to think they look really fabulous in a bikini. 
    3. I thought about this for awhile but, fuck it, I’m a strong independent lady and I think I’ve done a pretty good job emulating my lady heroes. 
    1. I am intrinsically motivated and driven to do the things that I want to do and will not let anything get in my way of doing what I feel like I need to do.
    2. I am good at comforting people and being a trustworthy person.
    3. I am good at teaching people the things that I know and spreading information.

    1. Sometimes I don’t feel this way but I write really fucking cool music

    2. I look fantastic in that miniskirt

    3. I’m a really good snuggler??