On March 6 and 7, my piece notes on coming out is being premiered by the Temple University Percussion Ensemble in Philly and New York. Those of you who have been following me or talking to me over the last couple months may remember that this piece has been kind of a struggle for me recently: because the piece has to do with my identity as a queer and trans* person, the ensemble director asked me to change the title, told me he wouldn’t conduct the piece, suggested that I find a new conductor or conduct the piece myself, and dropped rehearsing my piece with the players apparently without showing them the score while I scrambled to get a new conductor and schedule rehearsals.

    It would really mean a lot to me to see some friendly faces at these performances. The Philadelphia performance is free. I know the concert series in New York usually has a suggested donation of I think $10-15 and also a student discount. If you’re someone who’s a friend of mine and you’re in New York and that’s a bit steep for you, I might maybe be able to help you out.

    Here’s a link for the Facebook event with more details.

    The program:

    Maya Deren: Meshes of the Afternoon (1943)
    Matthew Greenbaum: Headshot * **
    James Tenney: Crystal Canon
    Andie Taylor: notes on coming out * **
    Augusta Read Thomas: Sun Songs: Three Micro-Operas ** ***

    * - world premiere
    ** - New York premiere
    *** - Philadelphia premiere